Diamond Dents are providing a great paintless car dent repair in Colchester service. Paul who is the regional dent technician knows Colchester very well as he has been working in the area for 12 years. No job is too small for Diamond Dents as they like repairing their clients cars and seeing their smiling faces once the service has been completed.

If your car has been damaged in a car park, supermarket or dropping the children off to school then we can help you as we provide a great service with dent repair and removal in Colchester. If you would like to read our testimonials as this will back up what we are writing about. It doesn’t matter where about’s the damage has occurred on your car as we can repair your vehicle for. We have extensive experience in removing dents from all makes and models of cars, vans and other vehicles. Also we can fix any part of your vehicle that includes, wings, doors, bonnets, roofs, quarter panels tailgates¬† or boot lids.

The damage can be the size of a 50p coin to a tennis ball but it is always worth contacting us to take a look at the damage as we will do our best to help you. Our technician will give you a price before he starts the job and then you know how much the repair costs will be.

To speak to Paul about your dent or to book an appointment please call 0777 9090 572 or you can get an online quote by uploading a photo of your vehicle.